njoyrecycle.pngNJOY is once again leading the Electronic Cigarette industry with a recycling program to help the environment and benefit NJOY customers.

IT'S SIMPLE: When you recycle 8 NJOY Kings you get 1 FREE!

To recycle your NJOY Kings, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Purchase NJOY Kings at your local retail outlet

Step 2: Mail in 8 used NJOY Kings along with the recycling form

Step 3: NJOY will send you a FREE NJOY King at NO COST

Step 4: NJOY will recycle ALL NJOY non rechargeables that are returned

Click here to download the recycle form (PDF)


Note: NJOY will accept all NJOY non rechargeables in our recycling program. You will receive an NJOY King at no cost.

contact us: USA Customer Service 1-888-669-6569 | Outside USA 1-480-305-7950 | Product Info 1-888-NOW-NJOY (669-6569) |