Do people really love NJOY electronic cigarettes? Read what real NJOY users have to say!


I must say I'm very impressed with your product! You have a new customer!  - Tom


The best e-cig made on the market ever. The taste, feel, and satisfaction is no different than the real thing! Try it, you'll love it!  - Peter


Just by chance I saw the king size in a store I had stop in. I bought one and fell in love.  - Phyllis


I just tried one of these new NJOY Kings and I can't believe how AWESOME they are! Tons of flavor, vapor AND throat hit!  - Eve


I began using electronic cigarettes over a year ago. The best thing is that the wife and kids don't crinkle their noses at me anymore because I don't smell like an ash tray. What a great product. Now, I can enjoy a smoke without feeling guilty.  - John


I started using NJOY because I was tired of smelling like cigarettes. But the other major benefit I've realized is that they are less harmful on the environment. I don't produce as much waste and I'm not filling the air with nasty smoke. I'm proud to switch to electronic cigarettes and am telling all of my friends to give NJOY a try.  - Paul


NJOY has changed my life! I can use it anywhere without worrying about bothering other people. No more cigarette smell and no more guilt. Perfect.  - Kimberly

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