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A Great Vapecation

Camping, to me, is equated with balance.

When I was very young, it was the balance of my brother’s video tape selection against mine as we watched the VCR in my parents’ Extended Cab Ford Econoline traveling to the Smokey Mountains. It’s the balancing of duties and responsibility at the campsite (“Who’s turn is it to climb up the tree to hang the bear bag?” *Crickets*). It’s the balancing of a Hershey’s chocolate square on a hot, freshly bloated marshmallow. It’s slacklining.

The beauty and relevance of finding balance in camping is that when you camp – or canoe or backpack or ice climb or flip burgers on a grill in a local park – you’re basking in the magnificence of nature. And nature, of course, is the epitome of immaculate equilibrium.

Ultimately when you camp, you balance the unknown with the known; i.e., the roughin’ it with the luxury ten-man tent. So naturally, as a vaper, you have to find your happy camping medium. How do you balance your everyday vapelife with your outdoor respite?

Well, you’ve got a vape with a does-not-pair-well-with-water-or-dew-or-mud batt and a cart that may very well shatter if you drop it mid-hike. But whatever you do, you don’t want to turn to smoking analog cigarettes. There are many ways to care for your mod when you’re on your vapecation, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Don’t bring your expensive mod. This is a “duh.” But unless you’re camping in the most weatherproof conditions (i.e. not camping), you’ve got plenty to worry about other than keeping your precious piece safe from environmental wear. An inexpensive eGo is a much safer option.

2. Keep shrink-wrap and plastic baggies on hand. Water = life. However, water also = batt shortage and a vaper’s worst nightmare. When you’re out in the wilderness, keep your vape in a waterproof bag (heavy duty Ziplock works) when you’re not puffing. Make sure you keep your liquids in a baggie as well. You don’t want your e-juice accidentally leaking into the bandana you’ll later wrap around your head.

3. Keep an extra battery with you. Depending on the type of outdoor activity you’ve got planned, you might be able to head back to the car to recharge your batt. But if you don’t have a recharge, keep an extra battery on you (in your waterproof bag).

4. Keep your battery away from direct sunlight. Common knowledge, but make sure you don’t overheat your batt. This can drain its lifespan.

5. Bring Q-tips for cleaning. There’s dirt in your mouthpiece, and what do you do? Turn to the Q! Since gunk can get in mouthpieces pretty easily, you want to make sure you’re prepared to clean it properly for optimal pull.

6. Buy a lanyard. You’ve smelled all the roses and explored all the trails. You’re back to base camp, parked in your folding chair around the fire. Perfect vape break. But remember – you’re still outside. Prevent dropping your piece in the dirt (or worse – the flames!) by attaching your mod to a lanyard and wearing it around your neck. Keep it close to your heart, like everything else you love.

NJOY your vapecation.