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You wouldn’t wear white to a wedding. You wouldn’t bring a funnel to a wine tasting. You wouldn’t eat yogurt with chopsticks (or, maybe you would. We don’t know your life. Either way, no judgment).

Etiquette rules evolve over time and, eventually, become “the standard.” Since e-cigarette usage hasn’t been around for oh-so long, we vapers are still writing the rules.

And what are they? Turns out there are quite a few. Today we won’t get into the forks-on-the-left-knives-on-the-right particulars, but here are five of the most general, all-encompassing e-cigaretiquette rules all vapers should know and practice.

1. Vape where you would smoke. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t smoke a tobacco cigarette in an airplane, on your kid’s school field trip, or tipped over backwards at a hair salon sink, you probably shouldn’t vape, either.

2. However, ask. The one caveat to rule #1 is a good ‘ol ask. Maybe you’re sitting in the living room of a close friend who doesn’t smoke or vape. You don’t want to leave the room – your team is this close to scoring! – but lucky for you, you’ve got an NJOY. Ask your pal if you can vape! Similarly, if you think your vapor might be bothersome to someone around you, ask if they would mind if you vaped. Since e-cigarettes are still a relatively new phenomenon, we want people to know how respectful we are.

3. If they ask, tell. So you’re in the queue at the cinema. You’ve asked the guy in front of you if he’s cool with you puffing on your NJOY. He says, “Yeah… what’s an NJOY?” The last thing he wants to hear (probably) is a full breakdown like this. It’s polite to educate those who ask by giving a brief rundown of what an e-cigarette is. Show how it works, explain that the vapor he sees isn’t tobacco smoke, and express how much you love it. Just a small pitch might be enough to make someone switch!

4. Reassure it’s not a tobacco cigarette. Though e-cigs are rapidly rising in popularity, people can still freak out when they spot one. Particularly since NJOY Kings look like tobacco cigarettes, some folks think they are tobacco cigarettes! There’s no harm in reassuring the skeptics that NJOYs have zero tobacco inside (but may contain nicotine derived from tobacco), and they only look like tobacco cigarettes to make the switch as easy and satisfying as possible. You can even say it’s science (our Chief Scientist, Josh Rabinowitz can attest to that).

5. Be a zen vaper. To our despair, tobacco has sunk its talons into the meat of cultures all over the world. Unfortunately, you might run into some intense backlash as an e-cigarette user. Whether they be people who haven’t accepted e-cigarettes as a “real” alternative or they’re just misinformed, don’t get mad at or frustrated with those who question or scoff at your choice to vape. Vape on, brother. After all, we bet it’s only a matter of time until those smokers make the switch, too.