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Friday the 13th - What Not To Fear

Today’s buzzwords: “Fear.” “Phobia.” “Superstition.”

…“Cheap tattoos.”

It’s here again – Friday the 13th. Today, you might avoid ladders and mirrors and cat-heavy animal shelters, but you don’t have to steer clear of NJOYs. That’s right – NJOYphobia ain’t a thing, because when you vape an NJOY, you don’t have to fear:

1. Smelling like smoke. You’re terrified enough about meeting her parents. But smoking a cigarette to chill out? Forget it. Good thing you can vape an NJOY instead. After all, they should judge you on the words from your mouth – not the stench.

2. The ash. Sayonara ashy clothes, books, furniture, and dashboards! If you were ever afraid of those gray specks and streaks on your precious belongings, fear no more. NJOY is clean and ash-less, and always will be.

3. Being without a lighter. This is particularly a problem for those with xenophobia, but with an NJOY, no one has to worry about asking for a light. Vaping an NJOY is as simple as pull, puff, pocket. You can also eliminate the bother of the $10 minimum at the drug store when you’re forced to buy a $2 lighter.

4. Contributing to cigarette butt pollution. At tonight’s BBQ, you can recycle the beer cans, paper plates and cloth napkins. Should be an easy clean-up – minus the cigarette butts sure to cover the lawn. Good thing NJOY is reusable and recyclable. If you’re afraid of hurting our lovely planet, don’t fear making the switch.

5. Supporting Big Tobacco. We might be big, but we sure as heck aren’t Big Tobacco. In fact, if every tobacco product on the market disappeared tomorrow, we’d rejoice! Unlike other e-cigarette companies, NJOY does not sell tobacco products. We do want you to switch. No worries about that - we are not fans of tobacco.