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Howard Marks NJOYs Vaping

When the East End Film Festival rolled into London Town, it showcased UK Premiers of international movies across cinema screens in East London. In the midst of the drama, two moviemakers based on the quaint English isle of Jersey, arrived to premiere their film, Howard Marks and the Lance of Destiny, at London’s The Genesis Cinema.

NJOY made a daring cameo at the event in the hands of none other than the infamous, most illustrious living smoker of all time, Mr. Howard Marks; aka, Mr. Nice.

Now, for some who are not as familiar with Howard Marks, you can imagine Hunter S. Thompson meets Bob Marley in a scene from the movie Blow. Howard Marks’ history is practically unbelievable. As an author, entertainer and former drug smuggler, he once sneaked across borders and charmed authorities all over the world.

A well-connected man about town, Howard Marks came to infamy through high profile court cases with the help of the international media.

And what attracted people to Mr. Nice? His affable demeanor and Welsh charm. At the time, there was also the continual debate toward legalizing his preferred strain of contraband, which aided and abetted his notorious criminal reputation.

Though he used up to 43 different aliases, “Mr. Nice” is the one that stuck. The best-selling novel of his adventures took his most famous alias.

During the Q&A sessions after the docufiction-style film (posted above), Mr. Nice gracefully vaped on his NJOY between questions directed at him and the film’s director, Kal Bonner.

After the screening, en route to a new members bar: Vout o Reenee (secretly located in London’s Whitechapel area and dripping with Soho heritage and infamy), an NJOY ambassador inquired as to how Howard had come to favor NJOY.

The story goes, though shrouded in surrealism, that the star of the film had been handed NJOY by his crew of renegade filmmakers (The Bonners) one twilight soiree. Howard has since enjoyed puffing NJOY where other tobacco mix products cannot venture. And just like that, we queue a new fan and follower of vapor, NJOY-totting film star:

Mr Howard Marks; aka, Mr. Nice.