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NJOY E-Liquid Flavor Breakdown

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In case you didn't catch us in our Vape Lounge at the World Series of Poker, we're stoked to inform you NJOY Vape Kits and e-liquids will be available for purchase starting August 1st, both in convenience stores and on NJOY.com. That’s right – NJOY vape pens and bottles of tasty e-juice can be yours August 1st.

But - what's a vape pen?

(Sorry. Couldn't help ourselves! But in all seriousness, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming blog & video content on vape pens; what they are, how to fill them, how to vape them, etc.)

If you already vape, you know that feeling of finding flavors you love. To give you a little insight into the flavors we’re releasing to tickle your tongue, we mapped out a few scenarios in a typical day in which you might want to vape NJOY flavors.

Double Espresso. Good morning, sunshine! Time to wake up and smell the coffee... or, vape it. Even seasoned baristas admit this flavor is surprisingly similar to traditional espresso. Give it a try! It doesn't come in a cup, but it'll sure get steamy.

Black and Blue Berry. It's lunchtime. You get a sandwich from your favorite spot. You wolf that thing down like a boss... but now, you've got that transit back to your home or office to deal with. You could whip out a traditional cigarette, but don't go there! Why not vape?

Our Black and Blueberry e-liquid vapes well any time, but we've heard it's pretty great as a pre- or post-meal vape. Pomegranate does this job well, too. Both flavors aren't too sweet, and they're flavorful enough to step in as a palate cleanser before you sit back down at your desk.

However, be warned: Our vape flavors won't mask the smell of those onion rings.

Vanilla Bean. If you're used to a mid-afternoon coffee break, why not try vaping NJOY's Vanilla Bean e-juice instead? You could vape Espresso as well, but Vanilla Bean provides a different, smooth midday flavor you might enjoy.

Single Malt Scotch. Happy hour. An integral part of some 9-5 lifestyles. If it’s a part of yours, we think you'll love the malty taste of our Scotch e-liquid. What more is there to say?

Peach Tea. You just got home, kicked off your shoes, donned your sweatpants and made yourself a delightful dinner (we know how much work you put into that Seamless order). It's time to chill. You might want to hang on your porch, pet your dog, or lounge on your couch and decompress. What better to vape when you're winding down than Peach Tea? It might make you feel a little like a southerner (can you hear the cicadas?), but mostly, you'll just enjoy the taste.

Butter Crunch. If you're used to digging into a pint of ice cream before you hit the sack, try vaping Butter Crunch. It's a delight we’re proud of. What’s more, when we interviewed vapers at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, the positive feedback for this flavor was endless.

Traditional Tobacco & Menthol. Alright, maybe you're old school. We still love you. If flavors aren't really your game, we still want you to switch. That's why we're selling Tobacco and Menthol flavors, too.

Of course, these are just some scenarios in which NJOY's new vape flavors can up your daily ante, but vaping is different for everybody. In fact, we'd love to hear how, when, and what you like to vape.

How? First, purchase our new vaping starter kit and/or e-liquids available in convenience stores and online at NJOY.com on August 1st. Then, try 'em out and tweet @njoyecigs to tell us what you think.

That being said, the countdown to vaping begins! We've all picked our favorite NJOY e-juices. What will be yours?