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There Once was a Day for the Limerick

It’s Limerick Day! Don’t you know?

So here are some limericks to show

About our e-cigs

And some NJOY big-wigs

(And maybe some humor in tow!)

Two Brothers

There once was a pair of two brothers

With one just as smart as the other

They started a brand

To lend smokers a hand

You could say they’re as caring as mothers

E-cigarettes are Delicious

E-cigarettes are delicious

Delicious and somewhat ambitious

You’ll blow out a cloud

Big enough to feel proud

Yes, he who’s intelligent switches!

To NJOY an E-cig

A swimmer enjoys when he’s wet

Veterinarians love a good pet

And smokers, it’s true

Enjoy nicotine, too

So they’ll NJOY e-cigs, we bet!