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Vape, America!

Happy birthday, ‘Murica!

Today, we hope you’re enjoying backyards and hot dogs, NJOYs and multi-colored explosives. Today’s the day you can hoop and holler for history, sing songs of patriotism and hear them echo from sea to shining sea. If there’s any day to be unabashedly proud of your nation, it’s this day – so we hope we can spot that Instagram photo of you with your face painted red, white and blue.

Wherever you are, we hope you’re having a great 4th. Lucky for you, festivities don’t have to end when the last firework pops. NJOY is celebrating more than the star spangled banner – we’re in Vegas, baby! The World Series of Poker is upon us, and there’s a lot to be checked out here at Caesars Palace and on NJOY’s social pages.

Starting tomorrow, here’s what you can expect from us at WSOP 2014:

1. Breaks to Vape. If you’re a smoker or vaper in Vegas to watch poker this year, you no longer have to worry about missing the action to, you know, step outside. NJOY loves the game just as much as you do, so we’ve set up vape stations to solve this pesky problem. Indoor vaping is just one of the many reasons to switch from tobacco, so give it a try! Our vape stations are located in the Brasilia and Amazon ballrooms, and if you see our video production team hanging around, talk to us. We might interview you to be featured on our YouTube channel.

2. Photos ops. Heck, you’re in Vegas. You deserve a red carpet moment. We’ve got you covered! You’ll look pretty fabulous in front of our NJOY backdrop located between the Amazon and Pavilion ballrooms. And of course you’ll be able to show off yourself big pimpin’ on Facebook and Twitter with #NJOYWSOP.

3. Recharge trials. NJOY’s line of rechargeable e-cigs (available for sale August 1st) are now yours to try! We’re previewing new flavors just for WSOP attendees, so ask anyone in an NJOY shirt about our recharge flavor chambers to have a taste.

4. Poker faces. We’ve got blogs and YouTube videos coming to you with great WSOP coverage; interviews with poker players and vapers, sneak peaks into the goings-on at our vape lounges, and other WSOP surprises you won’t find anywhere else. And if there’s an NJOY video or blog you’ve just got to share, post it with #NJOYWSOP. That way, you and other vape-friendly poker fans can easily connect.

5. A Vegas vacation giveaway. Whether you’re with us in Vegas or just following our WSOP news, you can enter to win your own trip for two to Vegas via the entry form on njoy.com/WSOP. Keep in mind, you can only enter to win between July 5-10th and you must be 21 to enter. Follow us on Twitter @njoyecigs for updates on the competition – and good luck!

NJOY the holiday! And make sure to catch our first YouTube vid tomorrow, live from Caesars, #NJOYWSOP. See you in Vegas!