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We've Launched! Say Hello to Vape & Recharge

Today, we celebrate! NJOY is proud to announce new additions to the family.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome NJOY vape and recharge. We couldn’t be more proud!

It’s always a great feeling to see your dreams actualized, and we feel especially excited about vape & recharge. The NJOY family is committed to obsoleting tobacco cigarettes, which is why we invented the NJOY King – an alternative to the traditional cigarette smokers can appreciate.

However, the vaping universe is much bigger than e-cigs. Mods, tanks, e-liquid, coils, ohms… even wall and USB chargers. Who knew the list of vaping terms and accouterments is practically infinite? In any case, NJOY thinks the vape community is really onto something – and we think it’s our turn to contribute to the adult vapers, e-cig users, and smokers who want to switch.

Today we introduce the NJOY vape pen and rechargeable e-cigarette. Along with these devices, we’re also presenting 10 flavors of e-liquid and flavor cartridges respectively. (To browse our liquid and cartridge flavors, click here).

If you’re a smoker or dedicated e-cig user and have no idea what we’re tootin’ our horn about, don’t sweat. You can watch our “How to Vape” video here and explore NJOY.com for further instructional information.

If you are a vaper, smoker or e-cig user thinking about giving vaping a try, we’re happy to let you know our vaping starter kits and e-liquids are available in convenience stores such as 7-11 and Walgreens at numerous locations around the country. And, of course, they’re also available online at NJOY.com, 24 hours a day.

Because we’re so thrilled about our new products, we’re also giving away a vape super kit for free! Just click here before Friday, August 8th and you might be the owner of all ten NJOY e-liquid flavors & a new vape pen. Also, keep in mind we’ll host a series of other contests and giveaways just for vapers who follow us on social media. So make sure to click the following and check us out:

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We’re pretty generous; you won’t want to miss any promotional give-a-ways or swag to come. That being said, we’ve got some celebrating to do. Vape on, friends!