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How to NJOY Vaping

Sections of videos on this website:

  • Vape General: How vaping is defined
  • Vape How To: How vape pens operate
  • E-Liquid, Vape Batteries & Vape Tanks and Mouthpieces: What these things are/ how to use them
  • Vaper Mistakes: What to do when things go wrong
  • Your Vape Life: A look inside vaping culture

NJOY Vape Kits

Whether you’re a budding vaper or a vaping virtuoso, we’ve bundled together everything you could ever want - e-liquids, vape pens and accessories.

Select from one of our 6 vape kits.

Vaping economy kit resize image aug 2017

Economy Vaping Kit

The Essentials

Vaping standard kit resize image aug 2017

Standard Vaping Kit

The Essentials, Plus More…

Premium vaping kit resize image aug 2017

Premium Vaping Kit

Explore The World of Vaping

Super vaping kit resize image aug 2017

Super Vaping Kit

Super = Value

NJOY Vape Custom E-Liquids

From Iced Fruit to Vanilla Bean to Blue + Black Berry, we’ve got you covered with our e-liquids.

Vape liquid classictobacco 10

Classic Tobacco

Vape liquid menthol 10


Vape liquid blueblackberry 10

Blue + Black Berry

If 15mg

Iced Fruit

Wb 15mg

Wild Berry

Vape vanillabean15 293x320 a  1

Vanilla Bean

Vape liquid pomegranate 10


Vape liquid peachtea 10

Peach Tea

Vape liquid bloodorange 10

Blood Orange

Vape liquid singlemaltscotch 10

Single Malt Scotch

Tanks 5