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Convenience Vaping


Enjoy the convenience of vaping the flavors you already know and love with a Pre-FIlled Tank. An organic cotton wick helps maintain the flavor of your favorite e-liquid, while a wider airflow and a new Advanced Atomized deliver more vapor and more flavor. So you get more of what you love.

Tanks available in 1,4,8,12 & 16 Packs.

Pft apple crisp 10mg 450px

Apple Crisp

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Strong flavor of Apple Crisp.

Pft iced fruit 10mg 450px

Iced Fruit

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Cool, fruit flavor of Iced Fruit.

Pft classic tob 15mg new old 1350px

Classic Tobacco

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor.

Lf ang pft menthol 15mg new old 450px


Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Crisp, cool and refreshing menthol.

Lf ang pft bbb 15mg new old 450px

Blue + Black Berry

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Equal parts tart and sweet blue and black berries.

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Vanilla Bean

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Mild yet rich floral vanilla bean.

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Peach Tea

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Sweet, crisp, tender peach flavor.

Apple melon pft pc lf angle 450x450

Apple Melon

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Perfect balance of Apple and Melon.

Tropical twist pft pc lf angle 450x450

Tropical Twist

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Perfect balance of Pineapple and Kiwi.

Pft mango apple 15 lf ang 450x450

Mango Apple

Our Pre-Filled 3ML Vape Tank. Perfect balance of Mango and Apple.



You can use our existing 650mAh battery, found in our vape pen starter kit, with your Pre-Filled Tank, but it won't last as long as you're used to. So for ultimate performance, we recommend that you pick up our 1000mAh Pre-Filled Tank Battery so you can vape all day.

Compact battery front lf  120   angle

Convenience Vaping Compact Battery

Compact, ergonomic and discreet 1150MAH battery that fits in the palm of your hand.

Pft batt launch single resize

Pre-Filled Tank Battery

1000 mAh battery, designed for the Pre-Filled Tanks. More power means you can vape all day.

Pft batt launch 3pk scaled

Pre-Filled Tank Battery - 3 Pack

Save when you buy a 3pk of the 1000 mAh Pre-Filled Tank batteries, and never run out of power.

Vape starter kit


Contains 650mAh battery that you can use with Pre-Filled Tanks.


Pre-Filled Tank Trial Bundles

Limited Time offer! Try our Pre-Filled Tank & Battery System now with a 20% savings!

Select your favorite Pre-Filled Tank flavor below in 15mg/ml Nicotine Strength. Included in every bundle is a 1000mAH battery and USB charger – so you’re ready to start vaping.

Pft bundle ct resize image

Trial Bundle - Classic Tobacco

Classic Tobacco Pre-Filled Tank, Pre-Filled Tank Battery, and USB Charger.

Pft bundle menthol resize image

Trial Bundle - Menthol

Menthol Pre-Filled Tank, Pre-Filled Tank Battery, and USB Charger.

Pft bundle bbb resize image

Trial Bundle - Blue + Black Berry

Blue + Black Berry Pre-Filled Tank, Pre-Filled Tank Battery, and USB Charger.

Pft bundle vb resize image

Trial Bundle - Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean Pre-Filled Tank, Pre-Filled Tank Battery, and USB Charger.

Pft bundle pt resize image

Trial Bundle - Peach Tea

Peach Tea Pre-Filled Tank, Pre-Filled Tank Battery, and USB Charger.


Convenience Vaping Bundles

We’re so excited about our Pre-Filled Tanks, that we’ve created a bundle for you to try our original flavors.


Convenience Vaping - Flavor Sampler Bundle

Includes 5 flavors for the price of a 4-pack. Can't choose just one flavor? We got you covered.


The Easiest Way To Switch To Vaping

The new Pre-filled Tank & Battery System gives you all the benefits of vaping with more simplicity and convenience than you could imagine. And the experience? Sensational.

Let’s break it down for you:

  • Pre-Filled Tank holds 3mL, so you can vape all day. It houses the New Advanced Atomizer Design, which delivers more vapor and more flavor with no messy refilling.
  • Pre-Filled Tank Battery has a powerful 1000mAh capacity, a micro USB charger and 510 thread.

Convenience Vaping. All The Taste Without The Trouble.

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Amazingly delicious, produce ample vapor, and are truly innovative, something you rarely see these days.
NJOY Daily and new Convenience Vaping ... are absolutely game changers. I am beyond impressed, and believe me, being impressed in this industry is not easy.
More power, more of a hit, more liquid volume but it still has that simplicity, that disposable element that this does...just grab a tank and go.
OhmBoy Josh

Available at Select Retailers

Our Convenience Vaping System is available now at selected retailers.
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Sciency 1

Now, the sciency part...

Our Pre-filled Tank features a New Advanced Atomizer Design. What does this mean? Simply put, the tank is specially engineered with a large chamber and a vertical coil, allowing a greater amount of e-liquid to surround the coil at once and therefore heat more evenly for better tasting vapor. What’s more, the mouthpiece has been crafted with a wide airflow for an easier draw.

The end result? More vapor, more flavor.

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New flavors pft

Find your flavor

So now that we’ve got the device part down pat, let’s talk flavors. Developed by our team of flavor experts and formulated & blended in the USA, our uniquely crafted e-liquid lineup will tempt your tastebuds. And because it’s super easy to switch between tanks, you can enjoy all of our e-liquid flavors whenever you like.

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Flavor Freshness Seal

We put a lot of time and effort into developing our flavors, so like proud, well-intentioned parents we want to protect them. The Flavor Freshness seal allows each Pre-Filled Tank to retain its flavor until you’re ready to enjoy it. We were going to call it, “the multi-laminate barrier with very low oxygen and moisture transmission rates,” but that just didn’t have the same ring.