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5 Pack — Bold King Electronic Cigarettes

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A Great Choice For New E-Cig Users

Our King 5-Pack offers five premium e-cigarettes in a convenient carrying case. Take it with you for full flavor and satisfaction on the go! Plus you save $14 versus the cost of five King singles ($8.99 retail value)

With a full-bodied, classic taste and 4.5% nicotine, Bold is the most robust flavor we offer. Perfect for a traditional tobacco smoker looking for full-bodied satisfaction. Each NJOY King electronic cigarette lasts about as long as one pack of combustible tobacco cigarettes, depending on individual use.


The only e-cig I have every been truly satisfied by. I love the new design and performance. NJOY, YOU got it right!!!

Sean K.

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Discover the design and details that make the NJOY King E-Cigarette engineered to deliver maximum satisfaction!
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