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How To Use NJOY Recharge

You charge your phone. You charge your computer. And now, you can charge your NJOY. Follow these simple instructions to reuse and recharge.

Step 1 — What you need to use NJOY recharge

Here is all you need to use NJOY Recharge:

  • Flavor Chambers
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • A USB charger

These are included in any of the kits that you can purchase.


Step 2 — Getting Started

Your NJOY Recharge e-cigarette comes fully assembled. That means you can pull it right out of the box and puff away. However, for the best performance, we advise you to charge the battery to 100% before you use it.


Step 3 — How to recharge

When the end of your NJOY blinks 10 times, it’s time to recharge. To do this, unplug the Flavor Chamber from the battery. Then, replace it with your USB charger. You can now plug your NJOY into any power source, including your computer.

When the tip of the NJOY stops glowing, you’re charged. You can now switch out the charger for your flavor chamber.


Step 4 — Changing Flavor Chambers

If you notice that your vapor is weak with every pull, it’s time for a new Flavor Chamber (remember, the power of your e-cigarette is only low when the tip blinks 10 times).

To change your Flavor Chamber, simply pull out the old one, pick a new flavor, and plug the new chamber into the battery. We made it pretty easy for everyone with our Press-Fit™ technology.

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