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How to Vape

Vaping with NJOY is a lot easier than you might think! We designed a system that’s so simple and convenient but still powerful enough that it will satisfy every adult from the vape-curious to the vaping connoisseur. All you need is: 1 Vape Pen,1 top-fill tank, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall charger. Of course you’ll also need NJOY e-liquid.


Step 1

Unscrew the tank from the battery and the mouthpiece from the tank; a couple of turns is enough. Make sure that the battery is fully disconnected from the tank.



Step 2

You’re ready to fill the tank! If you’ve ever poured yourself a drink you already know how to pour NJOY e-liquid. Carefully aim the tip of the e-liquid bottle toward the wall of the tank. As you pour be sure no liquid gets into the center tube.

Note: If the e-liquid comes into contact with your skin it can be very toxic. You should promptly WASH YOUR SKIN with soap and water and seek medical attention if you feel unwell.


Step 3

Once your flavor tank is full, gently screw the mouthpiece back into the tank and the tank back onto the battery. Be sure it’s screwed in tight!

Step 4

That’s it! Your NJOY vape pen is ready to go out of the box! To put your vape pen in an inactive state, quickly press the button five times. The light will flash three times to indicate the pen has switched states. Your Vape pen is now inactive. Repeat the same procedure to turn it back on.

Note: To test if your pen is active or inactive press the button once. If the light flashes, your pen is ready to use. If nothing happens, your pen is off.


Recharging your NJOY vape pen

It’s just like charging your phone. You’ll know its time to charge when the LED light on your NJOY Vape Pen flashes 10 times. Here’s what you do:

  1. Unscrew the battery from the tank
  2. Connect the battery onto the charger
  3. Try to be patient...the indicator light on your battery will remain on until the battery is charged and ready to use!

Other Recommendations

We suggest using different tanks for different e-liquid flavors and discarding any tank after about 2 weeks depending on your usage. This is the best way to ensure perfect flavor and vapor every time.

If the vapor volume decreases it might be time to change or refill your tank. And try not to use your tank more than 2 weeks. If the tank runs dry it could burn out.

Never use an NJOY vape pen without its tank.

Vape pens aren’t waterproof so keep ‘em dry!

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