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For The Experienced Vaper

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The Artist Collection is a refined palette of masterful flavors expressed through sophisticated devices presented in a sleek, elegant case. Graced with nuance and subtlety - and the nicotine level of your choice - this exclusive line of liquids is crafted by five leading artists in the vape industry, partnered with NJOY in the fight against big tobacco. These innovative mist makers bring out the best in taste and sensation because they pursue vaping with passion. Now it’s time to pursue yours: get this great gift for you or anyone in the vape community today.

Artist Collection Premium E-Liquids

A sophisticated suite of masterful taste sensations.

Available in a range of nicotine levels.

Acbottle samba sun bogo

Samba Sun - 30mL

Acbottle paramour bogo  1

Paramour - 30mL

Acbottle hedons bite bogo

Hedon’s Bite - 30mL

Acbottle sacre coeur bogo

Sacrè Coeur - 30mL

Acbottle dragon scape bogo

Dragonscape - 30mL

Ac gift box bow  top

AC Gift Box