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Vanilla Bean

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  • 1 Pack
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All the flavor without the fuss

Vanilla Bean is the original nostalgic flavor you know and love. Mild, rich and floral, its sweetness and comforting earthiness are enough to lighten any mood.

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank lasts all day, and best of all - there's no messy refilling.

An organic cotton wick helps maintain the flavor of your favorite e-liquid, while a wider airflow and a new Advanced Atomizer Design delivers more vapor and more flavor.


Buy More, Save More!

  • 1 Pack - $3.99 Special Deal Price (Original Price: $5.99)
  • 4 Pack - $19.99 (17% savings per tank)
  • 8 Pack - $37.99 (21% savings per tank)
  • 12 Pack - $52.99 (26% savings per tank)
  • 16 Pack - $67.99 (29% savings per tank)
  • 50 Pack - $194.99 (35% savings per tank)
  • 100 Pack - $359.99 (40% savings per tank)

Hear What the Experts Are Saying

"Amazingly delicious, produce ample vapor, and are truly innovative, something you rarely see these days."
- Spinfuel

"NJOY Daily and new Convenience Vaping ... are absolutely game changers. I am beyond impressed, and believe me, being impressed in this industry is not easy."

"More power, more of a hit, more liquid volume but it still has that simplicity, that disposable element that this does...just grab a tank and go."
-OhmBoy Josh


You can use our existing 650mAh battery, found in our vape pen starter kit, with your Pre-Filled Tank, but it won't last as long as you're used to. So for ultimate performance, we recommend that you pick up our 1000mAh Pre-Filled Tank Battery so you can vape all day.

Compact battery front lf  120   angle

Convenience Vaping Compact Battery

Compact, ergonomic and discreet 1150MAH battery that fits in the palm of your hand.

Pft batt launch single resize

Pre-Filled Tank Battery

1000 mAh battery, designed for the Pre-Filled Tanks. More power means you can vape all day.

Pft batt launch 3pk scaled

Pre-Filled Tank Battery - 3 Pack

Save when you buy a 3pk of the 1000 mAh Pre-Filled Tank batteries, and never run out of power.

Vape starter kit


Contains 650mAh battery that you can use with Pre-Filled Tanks.


Available at Select Retailers

Our Convenience Vaping System is available now at selected retailers.