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Recharge e-Cigarettes

Recharge e-Cigarettes

NJOY Recharge is a brand-new, cutting-edge rechargeable e-cigarette system offering five delicious flavors with perfect draw and high vapor volume in an easy-to use, economical format. Flavor Chambers come in Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate as well as NJOY's iconic Menthol, Gold Tobacco and Bold Tobacco flavors.
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Please see NJOY's easy and simple side-by-side comparison of RECHARGE kits — compare value, performance, convenience and more!
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Introducing NJOY's ALL-NEW Rechargeable E-Cig Flavor Chambers

Get ALL-NEW NJOY Replacement Flavor Chambers in five delicious flavors.
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How To Use the ALL-NEW NJOY Recharge — Learn everything you need to know NOW!

Please check out NJOY's simple step-by-step customer guide to RECHARGE! Learn Everything You Need to Know about how our powerful new recharge system works!
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Introducing NJOY's ALL-NEW line of vaping flavors and kits!
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