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Flavor Chambers Bold Tobacco Menthol Gold Tobacco Pomegranate Vanilla Bean

Flavor Chambers

Choose from five delicious flavors for a whole new world of e-cigarette pleasure with NJOY Flavor Chambers. Finally a Flavor Chamber you can actually LOVE! Each Flavor Chamber lasts about as long as a whole pack of combustible cigarettes, depending on individual use. Buy in bulk and you'll find delicious savings, too!

Judge for yourself why our Flavor Chambers are so delicious. Compare our Bold Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla-Bean and Pomegranate to anything you've ever tasted and if you don't love it as much as we do... we'll give you your money back! Works exclusively with NJOY Recharge system.

About NJOY Flavor Chambers

NJOY Flavor Chambers use Press-Fit™ technology to snap on and off easily — so you can change your flavor in seconds! One Flavor Chamber lasts about as long as a whole pack of combustible cigarettes (individual results may vary). Our Flavor Chambers are precision-engineered to deliver an easy draw for perfect vapor, every time, and are exclusively compatible with the NJOY Recharge system.

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