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NJOY Recycling Exchange Program


Here at NJOY, we place importance on how you dispose of your e-cigs. We support the many that opt to recycle their used e-cigs at a local recycling center that takes lithium batteries. There are thousands across the country, which you can find here. It’s a more eco-friendly practice than shipping packages of new and used e-cigs back-and-forth.

However, if you’re unable to find a local center, we’re happy to recycle them for you. Send us 14 used Dailys and we’ll send you 1 new Daily for free (or 40 used Kings for 5 new ones) just for doing your part to help the environment


STEP 1: Purchase any NJOY disposable e-cig (King or Daily) online or at your [local retail outlet].

STEP 2: Mail in the used NJOYs and this recycling form. The original packaging is not required and can be recycled separately.

STEP 3: NJOY will send you a free NJOY e-cig at no cost as follows: Mail in - 40 NJOY Kings or 14 NJOY Dailys

  • Mail in 14 NJOY Dailys and recieve 1 free NJOY Daily
  • Mail in 40 NJOY Kings and recieve 5 NJOY Kings

We cannot exchange a mix of products (ie: 20 Dailys and 20 Kings cannot be exchanged for 5 Kings)

NJOY Recycling
23040 N 11th Ave
Bldg #1, Suite 107
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Click here to download the recycle form (PDF)