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NJOY Vape Pens and Accessories

Whatever kind of vape experience your looking for, we've got you covered. From our Convenience Vaping System, to our diverse range of e-liquids, vape pens, vaporizers, and everything in between - it's all here.


Enjoy the convenience of vaping your favorite flavors with a Pre-Filled Tank. Wider airflow and a new Advanced Atomizer deliver more vapor and more flavor, so you get more of what you love.


Apple melon pft pc lf angle 450x450

Apple Melon

Enjoy the perfect balance of Apple and Melon.

Tropical twist pft pc lf angle 450x450

Tropical Twist

Enjoy the perfect balance of Pineapple and Kiwi.

Pft mango apple 15 lf ang 450x450

Mango Apple

Enjoy the perfect balance of Mango and Apple.

Pft apple crisp 10mg 450px

Apple Crisp

Enjoy the strong flavor of Apple Crisp.

Pft iced fruit 10mg 450px

Iced Fruit

Enjoy the cool, fruit flavor of Iced Fuit.

Pft classic tob 15mg new old 1350px

Classic Tobacco

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor.

Lf ang pft menthol 15mg new old 450px


Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Crisp, cool and refreshing menthol.

Lf ang pft bbb 15mg new old 450px

Blue + Black Berry

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Equal parts tart and sweet blue and black berries.

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Vanilla Bean

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Mild yet rich floral vanilla bean.

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Peach Tea

Our Pre-filled 3ML Vape Tank. Sweet, crisp, tender peach flavor.

Pft batt launch resize

Pre-Filled Tank Battery

Powerful, 1000 MAH vape battery. The more you buy, the more you save.



Pft classic tobacco 10mg 450px

Classic Tobacco 10 mg/ml

Enjoy a full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor with a subtle finish.

Pft menthol 10mg 450px

Menthol 10 mg/ml

Enjoy a crisp, cool, refreshing menthol flavor with a rush of invigorating peppermint.

Pft bbb 10mg 450px

Blue and Black Berry 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the strong, wild, tart flavor of blackberries with juicy blueberry.

Pft iced fruit 10mg 450px

Iced Fruit 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the cool, fruit flavor of Iced Fruit.

Pft apple crisp 10mg 450px

Apple Crisp 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the strong flavor of Apple Crisp.

Pft apple melon 10mg 450px

Apple Melon 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the strong flavor of Apple and Melon.

Pft tropical twist 10mg 450px

Tropical Twist 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the strong flavor of Tropical Twist.

Pft mango apple 10mg 450px

Mango Apple 10 mg/ml

Enjoy the strong flavor of Mango Apple.

Pft classic tobacco 25mg lf ang 450px

Classic Tobacco 25 mg/ml

Enjoy a full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor with a subtle sweet finish and higher Nicotine content.

Pft menthol 25mg lf ang 450px

Menthol 25 mg/ml

Enjoy a crisp, cool, refreshing menthol flavor with a rush of invigorating peppermint and higher Nicotine content.



Pft smooth classic tobacco 15 450px

Smooth Classic Tobacco

Enjoy a full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor with a subtle finish.

Pft smooth menthol 15 450px

Smooth Menthol

Enjoy a crisp, cool, refreshing menthol flavor with a rush of invigorating peppermint.

Pft smooth bbb 15 450px

Smooth Blue + Black Berry

Enjoy the perfect balance of tart and sweet, Blue + Black Berry.



You can use our existing 650mAh battery, found in our vape pen starter kit, with your Pre-Filled Tank, but it won't last as long as you're used to. So for ultimate performance, we recommend that you pick up our 1000mAh Pre-Filled Tank Battery so you can vape all day.

Compact battery front lf  120   angle

Convenience Vaping Compact Battery

Compact, ergonomic and discreet 1150MAH battery that fits in the palm of your hand.

Pft batt launch single resize

Pre-Filled Tank Battery

1000 mAh battery, designed for the Pre-Filled Tanks. More power means you can vape all day.

Pft batt launch 3pk scaled

Pre-Filled Tank Battery - 3 Pack

Save when you buy a 3pk of the 1000 mAh Pre-Filled Tank batteries, and never run out of power.

Vape starter kit


Contains 650mAh battery that you can use with Pre-Filled Tanks.


NJOY Vape Custom E-Liquids

From Iced Fruit to Vanilla Bean to Blue + Black Berry, we’ve got you covered with our e-liquids.

Vape liquid classictobacco 10

Classic Tobacco

Vape liquid menthol 10


Vape liquid blueblackberry 10

Blue + Black Berry

If 15mg

Iced Fruit

Wb 15mg

Wild Berry

Vape vanillabean15 293x320 a  1

Vanilla Bean

Vape liquid pomegranate 10


Vape liquid peachtea 10

Peach Tea

Vape liquid bloodorange 10

Blood Orange

Vape liquid singlemaltscotch 10

Single Malt Scotch

Tanks 5



NJOY Vape Kits

Whether you’re a budding vaper or a vaping virtuoso, we’ve bundled together everything you could ever want - e-liquids, vape pens and accessories.

Select from one of our 6 vape kits.

Vaping economy kit

Economy Vaping Kit

The Essentials

Standard vaping kit 02.17.16

Standard Vaping Kit

The Essentials, Plus More…

Premium vaping kit 02.17.16

Premium Vaping Kit

Explore The World of Vaping

Super vaping kit 02.17.16

Super Vaping Kit

Super = Value

Vape starter kit

Vape Pen Starter Kit

Our Entry–Level Vape Pen Kit


Artist Collection Premium E-Liquids

A sophisticated suite of masterful taste sensations.

Available in a range of nicotine levels.

Acbottle samba sun

Samba Sun - 30mL

Acbottle paramour

Paramour - 30mL

Acbottle hedons bite

Hedon’s Bite - 30mL

Acbottle sacre coeur

Sacrè Coeur - 30mL

Acbottle dragon scape

Dragonscape - 30mL

Ac box

AC Gift Box


Advanced Devices

Experience the Artist Collection as intended, with one of these sophisticated devices.

Ac mini01 burst

AC Nautilus Mini

Summerpunch 11.30


Peaches & Cream? Blue Pomegranate Cooler? Summer Punch? Vape your favorite treats with our e-liquid recipe flavor bundles.


Vaping FAQ

Who is NJOY?

NJOY was a pioneer in the electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) market, and, is today, the largest, independent e-cigarette company in the USA. Its legal challenge to the FDA’s attempt to ban electronic cigarettes as unapproved drug delivery devices led to a landmark legal victory in federal court in 2010, creating the legal framework that allowed the electronic nicotine industry to survive through its infancy and grow into what it has become today. NJOY is the only major vaping company to offer products across all form factors; disposable and rechargeable “e-cigalikes”, “open system” devices, and advanced “closed system” e-liquids, and across all major channels of distribution; convenience stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers, vape shops, and on-line. The company prioritizes R&D in order to develop its innovative new products. NJOY’s mission is to end smoking-related death and disease by offering preferred alternatives to adult smokers and vapers around the world. In doing so, they hope to make the combustion cigarette obsolete.

What exactly is vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes that use an atomizer to heat e-liquid that is stored in an open or closed “tank “ to create an inhalable vapor/aerosol. Unlike electronic cigarettes, vape pens do not look like traditional cigarettes.

Are NJOY products a good alternative to smoking?

NJOY products are a great alternative to cigarettes for several reasons. They provide the nicotine that smokers crave plus produce a pleasurable vapor without a burning smell. Additionally, our products come in a variety of delicious flavor options. If you are looking to switch from smoking, e cigs are something worth trying.

Is vaping cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

Yes, depending on usage frequency and nicotine level choices, smokers can save a large amount of money by switching from traditional cigarettes to vape products. E liquids and refill cartridges are, for most users, significantly less costly over time, and e-cigs and vape products are not currently taxed like tobacco products are.

Are vaporizing devices approved by the FDA?

Vapes do not presently fall under FDA regulation and thus have not been approved by the agency.

Are there people who shouldn’t use vaporizing devices?

The e liquids in NJOY products contain nicotine and, therefore, are not intended for children under the age of 18, for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or people with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or taking medicine for depression or asthma.

Do vapes taste like cigarettes?

NJOY offers a wide variety of great flavors, including Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Pomegranate, Blood Orange and many more. Most users find the flavor experience, even for tobacco and menthol flavors, to be different from a traditional “smoking” flavor experience because of the absence of burning. Try it for yourself and see – we think you will like it more.

Does NJOY ever produce new vape liquid Flavors?

We are constantly developing new e liquid flavors. While traditional customer favorites are always on the menu, like Vanilla Bean, Blue + Black Berry, and other fun, delicious flavors, NJOY is always hard at work developing new options for our customers. We also offer five complex flavor options in our Artist Collection e liquid product line.

What is the NJOY Artist Collection?

The Artist Collection is an exclusive line of e juices created in conjunction with five leading vape industry artists.

Can using NJOY products help me quit smoking?

We do not offer or market our products as a smoking cessation tool. If you’re looking to quit smoking, speak to your physician or check out smokefree.gov or your local quit-line.