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What's an E-Cigarette?

An NJOY is a pretty packaged piece of techie genius.

Essentially you’ve got a lithium ion battery, e-liquid (which includes nicotine, glycerin, and propylene glycol), and an atomizing device, which is basically a heater. Our NJOY Kings have a unique real-feel design, a super realistic faux filter, and a light-up tip just like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

So here’s what happens when you draw an e-Cig: your inhalation acts as a vacuum, switching on the battery and shooting a tiny electric current to the atomizer. The atomizer is heated, the liquid is vaporized, and your mouth and throat are immediately hit with a familiar flavor and feel.

They’re also totally disposable and still long-lasting. When finally out of power, the light-up tip flashes ten times. But no problemo, just send your used-up Kings to NJOY and we’ll send you back one new one for every eight you recycle.